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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Biblical Distictives of Baptists a Laymans Perspective

In the following pages you will find lessons I used for an Adult Bible Fellowship (i.e. an adult Sunday school class). The main curriculum I used was from Regular Baptist Press prepared by Donald K. Anderson and David M. Gower entitled The Biblical Distictives of Baptists (RBP 1992). This was my primary source and each family represented in our class recieved a student book by the same name. You may wish to consider these materials for your own church, or SS class thus I provided the links to them just point and click onto any highlighted word here (and any of my posts throughout this blog), if the pointer finger and underline appear just click. If you have trouble please let me know through email or in the comments links.

Throughout these posts I have tried to give my sources of information (often with a link), but I want to give place here to mention some of the best of the best sources that I used other than the Bible and the above mentioned curriculum. Some of these sources may be out of print and I am not taking time here to search them out or to link to them.

Baptists and the American Tradition by Robert C. Newman (RBP 1976)

Biblical Basis For Baptists by Duane Brown Ph. D. (RBP 1986)

God’s Blueprint for a Church by Kenneth Good (RBP 1974)

Principles and Practices For Baptist Churches byEdward T. Hiscox (Kregel Publications 1983)

The Doctrine and Administration of the Church by Paul R. Jackson (RBP 1986)

What Is a Baptist Association? By Jack Keep (RBP 1989)

A fine website packed with information is the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, and for current articles I recomend checking out The Baptist Bulletin.

You may wish to use these posts for reference work. For example you may wonder "What do Baptists think about communion?" You may find out by clicking the "Archives" Jauary, February, or March, and scroll down till you see what you are looking for. Another way is to go to the top of the page, just above the banner to the left type in a key word or phrase and click to search blog. There you have it. May the reader enjoy and be encouraged with these posts and other sources herein.

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