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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Biblical Distinctives of Baptists vs. The Fundamentals of the Faith

This blog is the overflow of an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class that I had the priveledge in leading through “The Biblical Distinctives of Baptists”. I had preiviously posted these on The Earnest Contender Bolg. If you are not a Baptist you will, at least, be able to discover what Regular Baptists believe and why Baptists believe it. If you are a Baptist my aim for you is similar. I hope to provide you with greater clarification of the biblical distinctives of Baptists. This is a study of who we are, what we believe, why we believe it, and how to live as biblical Baptists. Please ask questions or make any remarks in the comments links below each post. This is a forum for you, and open for all.

Before we get into our study of biblical distinctives of Baptists it is important to understand that there are some doctrines that are prized higher to biblical Baptists than the Baptist distinctives. These prized doctrines have been referred to as “the fundamentals of the faith”. In my view, the fundamental truths that all true Christians must affirm and contend for are:

The Bible alone is the complete Word of God and His final authority to mankind, the source of true Christian unity.

The Creator is the Triune God, co-equal; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Christ Jesus is God the Son, born of a virgin named Mary. He was fully God and fully man.

Jesus died on the cross, and shed His blood for the redemption of sinners. He was buried and rose from the dead and ascended into heaven physically.

Jesus Christ will return to this earth physically.
(there may be some wiggle room on this for certain a-millennial schemes, but this Baptist holds to pre-trib, futuristic pre-mill, dispensational position)

These fundamentals should trump any name or label. I have given further details on this topic at the following links. Fundamentals of the Faith Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, and Conclusion. This blog, however, is devoted to the study of, and understanding of The Biblical Distinctives of Baptists. My hope is that it will be helpful in bringing into focus each topic discussed.

In His fellowship,
brother John


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