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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Two Roads Graphic: Explained


The two roads graphic is a custom design that my wife created for me when I was teaching a course on Systematic Theology. It really looks good on an overhead. She is working on figuring out graphic/photo additions to blogs. In the mean time I will share with you what it is. It is a picture of a road that comes to a fork. The name of the road is Read the Bible then it branches off in two directions. The right side exit ramp is The Covenant Theology Freeway. The left side is the entrance ramp to The Dispensational Highway. That’s the road less traveled nowadays, but it is the way I choose or am predestined to go.

On the Covenant freeway there are some landmarks. The first landmark is the Christological or Soteriological approach to the Bible: looking for Christ or salvation in every text. The next landmark is Allegorical interpretation … which tends to spiritualize and look for “deeper hidden meaning”. Then we come to a stop sign because this approach will lead us to the false conclusion that Israel and church are the same, or as my covenant brothers say “the church has replaced Israel”.

On the Dispensational Highway there are also some landmarks. The first is the Doxological approach to Scripture: finding God’s glory in every text. The next landmark is the plain and normal interpretation to discover the intent or meaning, “It means what it says…” We then come to a yield sign that reads, “Israel and the church are separate”
I hope this explanation helps to clarify the poor display.


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