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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The series we are currently working through here is called The Biblical Distinctives of Baptists.

My aim is to encourage a greater understanding of what the name Baptist means:

  • Baptist, not just in name, but by conviction of the biblical truths presented
  • Baptist, not just in conviction, but also by name

My wife, Rose, designed this bookmark for those in our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class. If you click on it, you may see the details. I invite your comments ... especially regarding the statement on the back of the bookmark.

Just in case you can't read the graphic (let me know if you can or can't), these are the 8 points of the acrostic that we have been covering:

  • Biblical Authority
  • Autonomy of the Local Church
  • Priesthood of All Believers
  • Two Ordinances (Baptism & Communion)
  • Individual Soul LibertySaved (regenerated) Church Membership
  • Two Offices Only (Pastor & Deacon)
  • Separation of Church & State

And here's the paragraph of text from the back, that I was looking for feedback on:

The term BAPTIST is more than a church "label". As an acrostic, it delineates a set of convictions. Some churches or groups are BAPTISTic, but not identified with the BAPTIST label. Conversly, a group may hold on to the label after abandoning the convictions.

In His fellowship,

brother John


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