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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Controversy: At the Earnest Contender Blog???

Elder Rule vs. Congregational Authority

My pastor, bishop Philip De Courcy, and I have found some room for a bit of disagreement between us. No! It’s not the kind that separates friends. I didn’t call him names and he didn’t give me a black eye. We just have a different perspective of the role of elders and deacons in our Baptist church. Now I am not trying to hang out the dirty laundry for the neighbors to see. I do want readers to understand that there can and is room for disagreement among friends. Perhaps you, dear reader, would like to engage and tell me how you feel. I may not always respond, but I’m sure there are those who would. Then again that may be assuming an awful lot.

Let me say up front I reject the "elder rule" model of government in favor of a "congregational" model (to greater and lesser degrees). I do not think that the whole church needs to weigh in on all decisions. However, I do think the church should be informed and led. I do believe that the church (including the elders and deacons) should finalize major decisions such as affirming her officers, selecting and sending out missionaries, and of course spending (if the amount exceeds the amount I have in my wallet, NOT). I think officers should then serve/lead in their God given capacities and in the dignity of their office. I also muse that the church be open to paid and/or non-paid, non-seminary trained elders, and that a significant amount of ministry should be to train (disciple) such men for His service. My pastor and I are really not too far apart on these ideas. Have you noticed that I repeat the phrase "I think" alot in this post? What do you think?

If you would like to hear his take visit pastor’s archives and help yourself to any of these messages.

Another brother and faithful elder has also helped me work through some of my views. You can read all about it at Anvil and Fire.

Brother Joe, who is an all-round great guy, offered this wisdom. You can always find followship at Joe's Jottings.

Think about it...
What is your view, elder rule or congregational authority?


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