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Sunday, February 04, 2007

How Can Government Control the Churches?

IV. How Can Government Control the Churches?

The government can control churches in several ways. Control can be exercised by laws the legislators make, by the decisions of the courts or by the actions of government agencies.

It is interesting that most of the church-state tensions today in the United-States do not come from laws that our legislators have made but from court decisions and government agencies, both of which are staffed by non-elected people. Citizens seem to have very little control over the courts and government agencies.
(Biblical Distinctives of Baptists,by Donald K. Anderson and David M. Gower; RBP)

Some of the areas of concern today include: taxation of churches and church schools, the legitimacy of certain church ministries (such as schools), certification of teachers, zoning for home Bible studies, church buildings, in newer neighborhoods, Bible studies and /or religious displays on public property to name a few.

Writing a letter to a congressman (or a member of parliament) to influence legislation in favor of religious liberty is one way Christians can get involved in defending the First Amendment (in the USA) and religious liberty (world wide).

Think about it.
What are some other ways we can peacefully defend the First Amendment and religious liberty?


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