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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baptist History

We will conclude this lengthy series of the Biblical Distinctives of Baptists with a summary of Baptist history. Whether or not you are a Baptist you may be interested in the rich heritage we Baptists possess. We can all learn about and appreciate early Baptists, who held to their convictions in spite of persecution and even martyrdom. Further we will gain confidence that God’s Word endures forever.

Here is the general outline:

Baptists before the Reformation

Baptists and the Reformation

Baptists since the Reformation

The Survey Question

Before we get started on the outline above, I am asking you, the reader to participate in a little survey. I am not going to embarrass anyone. Treat this as if it were “just for fun”. Give short, but concise answers. I do not want to belabor a point so the sooner I get 200 replies (Greek for a half dozen or so) the sooner we will move on to the next survey point. Don’t worry about being studious or academic PLEASE!

OK here we go…


Name some important dates, places, people, or, events in America’s history (and/or European history for my friend Matthew).

One comment per item please (make as many short comments as you wish this way we’ll reach “200” sooner. Then stay tuned for the next survey question.


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